Spectrum of treatments

Aesthetic Dentistry
We work closely with qualified dental laboratories to achieve optimal aesthetics in terms of the colour and shape of your new teeth
Prosthodontics with All-ceramics, Veneers
Beside our high-quality individualized all-ceramics, we also offer alternative, less expensive, more stable ceramics for the side teeth
Periodontics / Dental Surgery
Here we first use various options for tooth preservation, which is our number one priority
Tooth preservation is also the top priority here
Dental Implants
  • We plan optimal prosthetic treatment of your teeth with you
  • Refer you to highly our qualified oral surgeon colleagues for prosthetic implantation
  • Completion of the treatment with high quality implant superstructures in our practice
If implants are not desired or not possible, we offer you well-fitting, removable dentures in various designs
Functional Therapy
Treatment of temporomandibular joint problems with a mouth guard (occlusal splint), and physiotherapy
Individual Prophylaxis for Children

Prevention of Dental Diseases in children by:

  • Informing parents already during pregnancy
  • Nutritional advice for parents & children
  • Training in cleaning teeth
  • Sealing the lateral teeth
  • Fluoridation
Professional Teeth Cleaning
  • Cleaning with dental instruments
  • Ultrasonic
  • Airflow
  • Polishing
  • Fluoridation
    • In-depth diagnostics and consultation
    • Safe use of bleaching materials in one to two sessions
    • Subsequent fluoridation
Tooth Jewelry